Vicki was born and reared in Sikeston Missouri, where her mother imparted into her southern
cooking skills coupled with insightful and hospitable principles which she adhered to
throughout her adult life. And under the vigilant scrutiny of her beloved mother and
grandmother, Vicki honed an inherent passion and innate enthusiasm for mastering the
culinary arts. She simply adored preparing fine cuisine and desserts for family and friends who
would occasionally drop by.

With God’s benevolence and direction, was birthed several of the gourmet treats names, as
she effectuated a life-long dream with her divine creations! These treats are now available
through online purchase, fundraising, and catering.

It has been said by scores of her patrons that these delicacies can be significantly habit-
forming. The uniqueness and creativity of her gourmet treats have caused people to come from
near and far demanding a taste of her highly anointed dishes, thereby yielding her the motto
which proclaims, “She’s not responsible for your addiction!” With that being said, Vicki humbly
offers you the fruit of her extensive labor – her collection of Divine Treats & Heavenly Eats.